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Elevate Your Listing

I believe that marketing is a critical component for selling a home at top dollar in today’s market. M Realty recently developed a cutting-edge marketing system that captures and presents the “story” of your home like no other brokerage. The marketing campaign starts where most buyers do – the internet. Your home will be displayed on beautiful web pages and videos aimed at reaching a large, targeted audience of potential buyers. The web-based efforts are enhanced with equally beautiful print media. This unique combination creates a buzz about your property and engages potential buyers before they even tour your home.

We offer powerful marketing that elevates your listing above the rest


The Story of Your Listing

Every home I sell has a compelling story that will resonate with the next owners. It might be built-in window seats, an uber-cool shade garden, or proximity to a happening commercial district. Our staff of web designers, photo/video experts, and copywriters capture the special elements of each home and create custom web-based and print media that will be shared with neighbors, brokers, and buyers. The goal is for potential buyers to envision living in your home before they’ve ever seen it in person.

We capture what's unique about your home with photos and video


Beautiful Online and Print MEDIA

The first impression of a home is absolutely critical. Most potential buyers will find and view a home for the first time on the internet. Our design, photo, and video experts drive the visual experience, while the copywriter ensures that the story is compelling. Buyers and their brokers should say “We have to see this house.” The online presentation will attract people to the home. Once they visit, a strong emotional connection will be made. The take-home print materials will extend and enforce that connection.

We offer a complete marketing suite for online and print


A Large, Targeted Audience

After the story of your home is captured and presented, we launch a comprehensive marketing campaign to reach as many potential buyers as possible. We also track any online efforts through Google Analytics. The campaign includes many (if not all) of the following:

  • Listing on RMLS
  • Sign with Perma-Flyer
  • Superflyer booklets and color flyers
  • Contacting cooperating brokers with potential buyers
  • Placement on M Realty agent website network
  • Email newsletter
  • Facebook/social media exposure
  • YouTube video post(s)
  • Postlets and Craigslist ads
  • Direct mail campaign with handwritten envelopes
  • Open House invitations to neighbors
  • Broker Open

Multi-channel marketing blast


New Potential Owners

I work diligently with our marketing team to handle every detail of the listing process. This ensures that the new potential owners connect emotionally with your home and see it in the best possible light. Below are just some of the team members who are dedicated to helping you sell your home. Now that you’ve reviewed the system, I invite you to contact me about listing your home.

M Realty Marketing Team

The Marketing Team