Welcome to the BIGHAT Real Estate United States Postal Service Network page. This page is a portal for USPS employees and their families to view homes for sale in Portland and to learn about special programs. Some of these programs involve down payment assistance or lower down payment loans. Others have lower interest rates or provide tax benefits. Click on the Search Map or View Homes for Sale links to see maps and lists of homes for sale in Portland.

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This site allows you to search by city, suburb, or neighborhood. After you view a few listings, you’ll be asked to provide contact information. Rest assured - I do not pester people who sign up on my site. After you’re signed in, I will send you a personal email and set you up with a daily email of homes in your price range in your favorite areas. I will also put you on my newsletter list. Other than that, you’re on your own and we move at your pace.

For this access, there are three things I ask in return. First, that you reply to the first email I send you. I’d like to be able to assess where you are in the process, so I can allocate the proper amount of time to you and my other clients. Second, if you will need financing, please contact a mortgage broker, bank, or credit union to secure a pre-approval letter. You should do this prior to requesting a home showing. Third, please share this site with your friends, family, and colleagues who you think could use my assistance in buying or selling a home.