Alameda Real Estate Basics

Alameda is one of Inner NE Portland’s most desirable residential areas. Most of Alameda is shielded from commercial or busy streets, so most residents enjoy a serenity that’s not found in other close-in areas. The neighborhood straddles the Alameda Ridge, a natural formation from the last Ice Age, so many Alameda homes enjoy panoramic views of the city, mountains, and the Willamette Valley.

To the right is a list of homes for sale in Alameda. You may also view MLS listings in Alameda on an Interactive Map. Either way, you’ll see Alameda real estate from cozy English-style homes to hilltop estates with fantastic views.

Alameda neighborhood photos. Click on thumbnail to view large image.

Alameda Borders

Alameda is centrally located in Inner NE Portland. It is convenient to downtown and mere minutes from the airport. It is bordered to the north by Alberta Arts, to the east by Wilshire (NE 33rd Avenue), to the south by Irvington and Grant Park (both at Fremont Street), and to the west by Sabin.

Neighborhood Association & Maps

Alameda is represented by the Alameda Neighborhood Association and belongs to the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods. For more information on Alameda, please click the links below:

Alameda Website – Not Active

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods Website

City of Portland Neighborhood Coalition Page

City of Portland Alameda Page

City of Portland Alameda Map

Alameda Wikipedia Entry

Caveat: This site uses HomeQuest map to identify neighborhoods and districts. These maps vary from City of Portland and Portland Public School Maps.

Focal Point of Alameda

Alamedans love their neighborhood because it offers peaceful residential living with easy access to nearby parks, libraries, and shopping. Alameda has no dominant feature like a public park, business district, community center, or street festival. The neighborhood’s busiest streets lie on the perimeter. This keeps traffic and noise to a minimum and allows residents a more insular and carefree lifestyle. In a sense, Alameda is like a gated community without the gates (or the high HOA fees).

Alameda’s central location makes for easy access to Wilshire Park (across NE 33rd Avenue), dining in Beaumont Village (east on Fremont Street), shopping at Whole Foods on Fremont or visiting the Albina Library (both across NE 15th Avenue), or attending Last Thursday in the Alberta Arts District (about ½ mile north). Within the neighborhood is the Sabin HydroPark, located at NE 21st and Prescott. Also nearby is the Sabin Community Garden, where local residents exercise their green thumbs with raised-bed gardening. Sabin School also has a playground and expansive fields for soccer, baseball, and ultimate Frisbee.

Neighborhood Homes

Alameda real estate ranks among Northeast Portland’s finest. Many homes on or near the ridge have territorial views that could include the Cascade Mountains, downtown Portland, the Willamette River, or Forest Park. Alameda properties come in all shapes and sizes, but there are many English, Craftsman, Arts & Crafts, Colonials, and other styles. Prolific Portland builder and developer, Kenneth Birkemeier, built 20 homes in Alameda. Lot sizes are generally the R-5 standard of 50’ x 100’, but there are some oversize lots (and houses).

One of my favorite streets is Alameda Street between NE 32nd Place and Regents Drive. It is a wide road with relatively small street trees, so there’s an open feel that’s lacking in other BIGHAT neighborhoods. The architecture, homes, and landscaping all range from the simple to the ornate. The home at the corner of Alameda Terrace has a row of newer October Glory maple trees. In late autumn, the leaves burst into a brilliant conflagration of orange and crimson.

Shopping & Services

Alameda has very little commerce within its borders. There are a couple of shops along Fremont near 15th, but the neighborhood is largely commerce free. Alamedans are fortunate to have many options near their borders.

Grocers include Beaumont Market, Whole Foods on Fremont, New Seasons at Killingsworth & 33rd Ave, QFC at Schuyler & 33rd Ave, or Hollywood Fred Meyer.

Nearby commercial areas are found on Broadway (Irvington and Grant Park), NE 33rd Ave, Beaumont Village, Alberta Arts, and the Hollywood District.

Food & Fun

Due to Alameda’s residential character, there’s a dearth of commercial food/fun in the neighborhood. Despite that, I know plenty of Alameda families who create the home version of food/fun. If you’re looking for a whiskey bar, a kalua pork bento, or a simple night of karaoke, then head over to some nearby neighborhoods (e.g., Alberta Arts, Beaumont, or Hollywood) and you’ll find all the food/fun you want. (By the way, I recommend going to all three places, but not necessarily in that order).

Public Schools

Alameda residents generally attend three public schools – Alameda Elementary School, Beaumont Middle School, and Grant High School. Some residences tie to Sabin School (PK-8), then Grant H.S.  To view Portland Public School (PPS) district maps, see: Alameda, Beaumont, Sabin, and Grant.

Caveat: This site uses HomeQuest map to identify neighborhoods and districts. These maps vary from City of Portland and Portland Public School Maps.

Contacts - 911 & 411

Portland Police Bureau – ( Emergency – 911)

Portland Fire & Rescue – (Emergency – 911)

Ambulance, Hospitals, and Pet Hospitals - (Emergency – 911)

Post Offices:

Market Data & Trends

If you want to stay on top of the market, you’ll need some good data. Each month, the RMLS produces their Market Action Report (MAR) that covers the entire region. Each report shows year-to-year and month-to-month trends including median/average sales prices, months of inventory, market time, and more.

Each month I write a post on the first two pages from the MAR. My analysis shows changes in the five areas (North, Northeast, Southeast, The West Side, and Lake Oswego/West Linn).You can find these posts in my blog section or by typing “Market Action Report” into the search site box. I have a page dedicated to current and historical Market Action Reports. Click here to view that page.

Mortgages - Refinances - Home Equity

The BIGHAT mortgage specialist for the Alameda neighborhood is Buddy Arnold of Mortgage Express. Buddy has been a mortgage banker/broker for nearly 20 years. You can visit his website by clicking this link. Buddy and I are working on finishing this section, so check back soon for more.

Resources & Referrals

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Alameda Videos

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Neighborhood Listings

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Order By:
Beds:4 Baths:2.1
SqFt:3721 YrBlt:2014
3630 NE 32ND PL
Beds:3 Baths:3.1
SqFt:4824 YrBlt:1932
Beds:5 Baths:3.0
SqFt:4071 YrBlt:1920
3933 NE 26TH AVE
Beds:4 Baths:3.1
SqFt:3484 YrBlt:1923
3160 NE Alameda ST
Beds:4 Baths:2.1
SqFt:3106 YrBlt:2014
Beds:3 Baths:2.0
SqFt:2424 YrBlt:1929
Beds:4 Baths:3.2
SqFt:5639 YrBlt:1916
Beds:6 Baths:5.0
SqFt:7572 YrBlt:1913
3853 NE 21ST AVE
Beds:4 Baths:2.1
SqFt:3188 YrBlt:1927