Fannie Mae HomePath Investor Buyers


Introduction: Welcome to the BIGHAT HomePath Investor Page. HomePath homes are Fannie Mae foreclosure properties with HomePath financing. Some of the best deals on investment homes for sale in Portland are HomePath-eligible homes. If you combine a discounted purchase price with low interest rates and other incentives, you’ve got a potentially great investment. Read more for HomePath advantages and for information on other professionals who can help you reach your investment goals.

HomePath Advantages: HomePath offers several advantages over conventional financing. First, your down payment can be as low as 10%. Most conventional loans require at least 20% down, so you increase your leverage significantly. Second, HomePath financing frequently waives up-front and monthly mortgage insurance. Third, there’s generally no appraisal or lender-required repairs on HomePath financing.

HomePath Advisors: To help you make informed decisions, I can refer you to a variety of trusted professionals from the mortgage, property management, and tax fields. As your broker, I will guide you through the intricacies of HomePath purchases. The mortgage broker will identify your investment goals and find you the loan package that suits you best. The property managers will analyze operating costs and give you a range of rents you can expect from the property – from “as is” to “as improved.” The tax planners can help you with your choice of entity, tax planning, and tax preparation.

With a group of dedicated professionals at your disposal, you’ll be able to negotiate the best purchase price, secure the perfect mortgage, forecast income and expenses, and protect your asset with proper business and tax planning. Whether you’re a new investor or already have a portfolio, you can use technology, professional advice, and the unique circumstances of the “new economy” to maximize your investments.

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