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If you’re a typical Oregonian, whether you own, rent, or invest in real estate, you’ve probably battled water on your property at one time or another. One expert told me that the average Portland lot receives enough annual rainfall to fill a 30,000-gallon cistern. Put a different way, if you filled and stacked 7”-tall glasses containing 16 ounces, it would reach 26.5 miles. That’s a tall drink of water and is longer than the Boston Marathon (26.2 miles) that my wife will be running next month. This month’s article is about managing rainwater and wastewater on your property and the featured contractor is Apollo Drain.

During a home inspection, the inspector typically looks at the basement, foundation, and storm management system. If there are issues, then specialists are recommended to diagnose and/or repair the problem. Many times, the seller will repair the problem or reduce the purchase price. Homeowners, renters, and investor should do a similar inspection periodically. This can keep a small problem with a potentially easy fix from becoming a larger, more expensive PROBLEM. Repeat the following – “small is to cavity as large is to root canal.”

One of my clients bought a five-plex last year and was worried about water in the basement (near one of the exterior storm drains), a stopped-up driveway drain, the sewer line, and the storm water system. Apollo Drain inspected everything, starting with a fiber optic sewer scope. They generally look for breaks or deterioration in the line, any root intrusion, blockages, bellies (low spots where water collects), etc. The last thing a buyer wants is a clogged/backed-up sewer line. In this case, there were no issues. In some cases, a seller will repair the line prior to closing or provide a price concession (usually several thousand dollars) to appease the buyer.

The next step was to jet the storm system and driveway and to scope them with the micro camera. Storm and driveway drains can get clogged with roofing material, moss, dirt, and other debris, so it’s a good idea to jet them occasionally. After jetting, the micro cam revealed a break in the elbow of the storm pipes, but showed a clean driveway drain (which now drained quickly). The micro cam explained the leak inside the basement and allowed my client to get a price concession. The total cost of Apollo’s service was less than $300. The price concession was several times that amount.

Apollo Drain services Metro Portland and Vancouver. They are one of the few scope companies with a micro cam (it even fits down some interior plumbing). Their prices are reasonable and they are licensed plumbers, so they can repair the problems they find (whether replacing a sewer line or repairing a broken storm pipe elbow). I recommend them to my clients and neighbors who want to keep their water management under control.

About the Author | Jack Kearney

Jack Kearney is a principal real estate broker with M Realty. He is a former tax and real estate attorney, who would like to put all of his skills and knowledge to work for you.